Miss Representation (the Jennifer Siebel Newsom film)

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is currently (June 2010) finishing production on a documentary about sexism. The IMDB entry is here, and the film site is here. There is no connection between this site and the film or its production company (assume standard blah blah legal disclaimers about endorsement promotion whatever), but given the current cast list, looks to be mighty interesting. Below is the text taken from the IMDB description:

Guess what, America? Sexism still exists in the U.S., despite the fact that women are a majority of our population. “Miss Representation” explores women’s underrepresentation in positions of power and influence in America by challenging the limited portrayal of women as encouraged by the mainstream media. On a scale unprecedented in human history, the media communicates cultural values, dictates gender norms, and tells us who we can and cannot be. The collective message that seeps into our subconscious is that women’s value lies primarily in youth, beauty and sexuality. As a result, both men and women have a limited understanding of who women are and what women can be, leading to the under-representation of women in key leadership roles and skyrocketing levels of eating disorders, sexual assault, cosmetic surgery, and exploitative pornography. In this climate of dangerous stereotypes and rigid gender roles, women are rarely seen as powerful figures, and it is difficult for the average woman to feel powerful herself. Accompanied by a collaborative social outreach campaign, “Miss Representation” will celebrate women’s progress across America and empower our audience to take action for transformative social change. Written by Girls’ Club Entertainment

Fans of arcana would be interested to know that this domain was registered (in 1997) with the intent of recruiting a friend to write a ‘Miss Manners’ of sorts that would primarily be a critique of the art world/industry, but my hoped for editor never signed on. It became this blog for a couple of reasons, some interesting, some mundane. There is an unfinished essay/screed about identity and perception that I will finish someday (like, when I get around to updating regularly again) that explicates all this.

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